Unity Christian High School strives to graduate students who:

  • Are able to say and practice: “In Christ, all things hold together”(Col. 1:17)
  • Are grounded in a Biblical worldview which enables them to articulate and act upon God’s call to serve Him in all areas of their lives
  • Are thankful for, and respectful of, God’s creation and gifts
  • Are prepared for further education, training, employment or opportunities that fit their skill and abilities
  • Are flexible, adaptable, and resilient
  • Are continuous life-long learners
  • Are critical thinkers with  problem-solving skills, that allow them to reason effectively and make wise judgments
  • Take initiative, are self-directed (independently managing projects and producing results), do honest self-assessments and act upon those self-assessments
  • Communicate effectively, clearly articulating ideas and thoughts in a variety of forms and contexts
  • Persevere and strive for clarity and precision
  • Apply past knowledge to new situations, are creative and innovative, willing and able to take risks and display a strong work ethic
  • Collaborate effectively and creatively in diverse teams, being responsible for and to others, exercising appropriate flexibility toward a common goal
  • Engage in culture and culture-making through such areas as politics, the arts, the world of ideas and the world of business
  • Participate in, and contribute their time and resources to their local and greater communities
  • Find joy in situations by seeing things from a different or unique vantage point.