“Over my four years at Unity, I learned how to develop a discerning Christian worldview and the other skills needed for post-secondary schooling and my career. The wonderful teachers put time and effort in essential one-on-one engagement with students. The environment and school culture is built around love, providing each student with safety and security and opportunities to participate in fun activities and to get involved in the community.”  Nathan (Graduate)

“We were new to the concept of ‘Christian Education’. We have learnt that it means that students are surrounded by people who care about them;  that the authority of their teachers is respected and that the teaching they receive is excellent. As parents, we have had peace of mind that our teenagers are growing intellectually, emotionally and spiritually in a God honouring environment. We couldn’t ask for anything more!” Anne & Steve (Parents of  two graduates and a Grade 12 student)

“Unity was such a blessing to me. The school community was great and it was a place where I knew I was always welcome and safe.  The teachers are excellent, caring and really push you to do your best. The classes are firmly based in the Word of God and helped me build a strong foundation for my faith and discover who I am.  I would recommend Unity to any high school student looking for a place to learn and grow.” Jacob (Graduate)

“Unity is a tremendous gift from God. Our daughter has grown intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. She absolutely loved the school!  The teachers truly care about each student and they are excellent Christian role models. They consistently do above and beyond the norm, providing an excellent education. Finally, there is a real sense of community among the students. Our family is sincerely grateful that Unity has been part of our lives.” Malcom & Carol (Alumni Parents)

I really enjoyed being at Unity because the atmosphere was upbeat and something new was always happening. I felt that I was valued by my teachers. They worked hard to connect with us and were willing to stay after school to help us understand concepts that we were struggling with. Unity has a lot of extra-curricular activities to be involved in and my favourite was definitely the overnight tournaments when we got to compete with great athletes from across Ontario.”  Madeline (Graduate)

The teachers have provided our children with a solid education equipping them to seek out God’s calling for their lives. In an increasingly secular world, Unity provided an environment rooted in God’s Word that allowed our children to wrestle with difficult questions and arrive at solid faithful answers.” Donna (Alumni Parent) 

“I am now studying for a Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto and have found that I am very well prepared academically. I am extremely grateful for the excellent teaching I received at Unity” Rachel (Graduate)