Unity Christian High School rents out rooms and space to local organizations, churches, dance groups and to the greater community. If you are interested in renting on a weekly basis or for a special event, please contact the Unity office at 705-792-6915.  Policy and forms are available on this page.










Class A

(Includes members and families of Unity Christian High School)


Class B

(Includes non-profit church groups, sports,   recreational service groups)


Class   C

(Includes commercial business groups which are   generating a profit; generally require an insurance certificate)

PAC & Foyer








Student Lounge










  1. Kitchen use will be no charge.  Kitchen use is restricted to sink, fridge and counter use.
  2. The sound system can not be rented.
  3. Overhead projector, screen, LCD projector – available without charge on request.
  4. Piano recitals will be $40/event (only for qualified pianists).
  5. Damage deposit of $250 (for one event) may be required before any rental takes place.
  6. One-time renters must pay fees prior to usage.
  7. CUSTODIAN FEE (opening/closing/checking facilities): $10.00
  8. CUSTODIAN FEE of $40/event will be required on all rentals.





  1. 25% discount off regular rates is available to long term renters, or anyone renting for 5 or more continuous times.
  2. Special rates apply to “all day renters of the PAC” (6 hour or more time slots) of $150/day for Class B and $300/day for Class C.  The custodian fee of $50.00 is included in the “all day rate”.


*Special rates available at the discretion of the rental committee.