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He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. - Colossians 1:17


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The academic program at Unity is designed to share Christian insight and to inspire students with a passion for service. This is true for all the elements of the school as they are developed from the vision and mission statements. Both the curricular activities and the co-curricular activities are based on the desire to cultivate the gifts of all students, equipping them to see and serve Christ in His world. With certified and experienced teachers, students will be inspired and encouraged to achieve the characteristics of the Graduate Profile.


Unity Christian High School uses the Ontario Curriculum.  The school is inspected biannually by the Ministry of Education and is permitted to grant all graduates with an Ontario high school diploma (OSSD).  Students from Unity are able to graduate with all of the pre-requisite courses necessary for acceptance into any post-secondary school of their choice.

All courses at Unity are taught from a Christian perspective, as outlined in our Curricular Principals.  Unity Christian High School uses components of courses developed by the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools.

All courses at Unity Christian High School follow the Ontario Curriculum and can be used towards the Ontario High School Diploma (OSSD).  Course offerings are subject to change from year to year, depending on interest.  For an updated list of courses offered this year please refer to the school’s course calendar, or view our course selection sheets.  

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Graduate Profile

Desired educational outcomes for the Unity graduate.

  • Are able to say and practice: “In Christ, all things hold together”(Col. 1:17)
  • Are grounded in a Biblical worldview which enables them to articulate and act upon God’s call to serve Him in all areas of their lives
  • Are thankful for, and respectful of, God’s creation and gifts
  • Are prepared for further education, training, employment or opportunities that fit their skill and abilities
  • Are flexible, adaptable, and resilient
  • Are continuous life-long learners
  • Are critical thinkers with  problem-solving skills, that allow them to reason effectively and make wise judgments
  • Take initiative, are self-directed (independently managing projects and producing results), do honest self-assessments and act upon those self-assessments
  • Communicate effectively, clearly articulating ideas and thoughts in a variety of forms and contexts
  • Persevere and strive for clarity and precision
  • Apply past knowledge to new situations, are creative and innovative, willing and able to take risks and display a strong work ethic
  • Collaborate effectively and creatively in diverse teams, being responsible for and to others, exercising appropriate flexibility toward a common goal
  • Engage in culture and culture-making through such areas as politics, the arts, the world of ideas and the world of business
  • Participate in, and contribute their time and resources to their local and greater communities
  • Find joy in situations by seeing things from a different or unique vantage point.

Find out just what it takes to be a Unity graduate.

The International program at Unity Christian High School allows students from other countries to obtain a high school education in a caring, supportive, Canadian, Christian environment.

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