Subject Areas Learn More about the subjects we teach at unity

Subject Areas Learn More about the subjects we teach at unity

All courses at Unity Christian High School follow the Ontario Curriculum and can be used towards the Ontario High School Diploma (OSSD). All our subjects are integrated with a Christian view of God and the world. Course offerings are subject to change from year to year, depending on interest. For an updated list of courses offered this year please refer to the school’s course calendar, or view our course selection sheets.

The Arts

The arts, through imagination and symbol, reflect in a special way the delight and creativity that God wants humans to experience. Whether visual or musical, the arts tell a story. Students in the arts’ programs learn to create, compose, listen, view and knowledgeably appreciate an unfolding creation.

Bible & Christian Perspectives

Biblical Studies

These courses teach important truths that are necessary for a life-long journey of Scripture-based faith. The Christian faith is explored in the study of creation, the fall, redemption and the new creation. There are concrete case studies from Scripture and contemporary life and  students will gain a deeper understanding of the themes of covenant, kingdom, church, law and salvation.


The perspective elements this program begins in grade nine with the Worldview course. Each student is challenged to recognize the dominant worldviews of our society and is encouraged to respond. The grade twelve courses are a culminating and synthesizing study of God’s call to individuals, communities and nations. Much of the worldview work done in all the courses over each student’s high school career is reviewed and restructured regularly.

Business Studies

The business studies program focuses on business theory and practice. Each student will learn the skills and attitudes necessary to engage in prospective business activity with confidence, competence and an understanding of Christian principles. The program enables each student to have a clear understanding of how business operates, its role in society, the opportunities for service that it generates, the skills it requires, and the potential impact that it can have on lives and society.


The English program, presented from a Christian worldview, includes the study of various media, literature and language; both written and spoken. It seeks to enable students to understand and evaluate the nature and types of literature and other media. The program is designed to encourage creativity in each student, while developing an appreciation for the role of literature and other media in revealing the great issues of the the human experience in God’s world.

Geography – Canadian & World Studies

This program offers each student the opportunity to learn about and evaluate human responses to God’s call for justice and stewardship in local and global settings, past and present. It analyzes geographical interactions and relationships over time and space.


The history program helps each student to understand past and present cultures and their contribution to the current state of affairs in the world. Though our study of History, we seek to understand human responsibility for cultural formation and to make a commitment to share in that task in a responsible way. The history program helps each student explore how decisions of the past affect life today and how actions are based on choices, and worldviews.


The French program aims to prepare each student to perform effectively as they speak this official language with confidence and gain transferable academic and cognitive skills. The learning of this second language offers each student opportunities to deal with another culture with understanding and appreciation. The program celebrates the gifts of communication and opens each student to wide-ranging possibilities in career and relationship options.

Guidance & Career Education

The Guidance program aims to help each student to know and appreciate themselves as image bearers of God, to relate in loving ways to others, to develop appropriate educational plans, to explore career alternatives, and to be successful in their schoolwork.

Health & Physical Education

The health and physical education program seeks to encourage each student to develop the attitude and practice of life-long physical fitness. The program implements this through individual and group physical skills training and health awareness to encourage individual motor skill development and community participation.


Mathematics and the relationships among numbers are part of created reality; they waited to be discovered and developed; the major importance of mathematics lies in its ability to be applied to solving real problems. The emphasis in the mathematics program is on reasoning, problem solving, communicating and understanding ideas, processes and results, and the use of appropriate technology, each of which are highly transferable thinking skills. Mathematical work is based around the recognition of the spatial and numerical order of God’s creation and celebrates its unfolding to students.


The world is a beautiful and complex reflection of God’s majesty. Science abstracts, examines and derives laws based on the regularity of God’s works in creation. The science program has a dual purpose: to successively uncover the beauty and diversity of the creation, and to develop in each student a scientific literacy enabling each one to have strong scientific knowledge and skills.

Social Sciences

Scripture shows a picture of humans in relationship with God, with self, with fellow humans and with all created reality. The social sciences analyze and interpret actual and normative practices and ideals. The grade nine course specifically explores the factors that affect attitudes and decisions about food and examines current issues of body image and food marketing. The food and nutrition course describes the role of food in enabling optimum health at all stages in life, equipping students to respect their bodies as gifts from God. The grade eleven course develops the theme in a broader way, outlining and understanding normatives, attitudes and practices for family life, from conception to final breath.


Technologies have consistently worked in tandem with society to illustrate cultural change. In this century, technology may be at the forefront of or even leading that change. This program has a two-fold aim: first, to offer a perspective on technological change and how it fits into contemporary culture; and second, to develop in each student the skills necessary to live and work creatively and competently in the technology-based society in which they live.

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